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us, uk Rounder CD J 11661-7063-2 2005

Mary Coogan guitars, mandolin, banjo, banjitar, octave mandolin
Roisin Dillon fiddle
Joanie Madden flute, alto flute, whistles, harmony vocal
Mirella Murray accordion
Heidi Talbot vocals
with guests :
Phil Bowler upright and bowed basses
Phil Cunningham piano, keyboards
Trioná Ni Dhomhnáill piano
Liz Kane fiddle
John Joe Kelly bodhrán
Laoise Kelly harp
Donna Long piano, harmony vocal
James MacIntosh drums, percussion
Karen Matheson lead vocal
Eddi Reader lead vocal
Kate Rusby lead vocal
Sharon Shannon accordion
Donald Shaw Wurlitzer
Ewan Vernal bass
produced by : Phil Cunningham
recorded by : Robin Rankin at the Carriage House, Stamford CT in 2005?; guest contributions recorded at various locations
mixed by : Brian Masterson at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
mastered by : Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital

  1. The jolly seven / The rascal on the haystack / Bonkers in Yonkers   [reels]   (trad. / trad. / Joanie Madden)   3:52
  2. Sweet Thames flow softly   (Ewan MacColl)   5:21
  3. Carolan’s favorite jig / The rakes of Cashel / Highland march in Oscar & Malvina   [jigs]   (trad.)   4:55
  4. Bogie’s bonnie belle   (trad.)   5:16
  5. Woman of the house medley : The fairy queen / The gooseberry bush / Paddy Kelly’s / Woman of the house   (trad.)   5:18
  6. The hills of New Zealand   (Joanie Madden)   4:43
  7. Betsy Belle and Mary Gray   (trad.)   3:44
  8. Fair and tender ladies   (trad.)   5:08
  9. Paddy O’ Snap / Robin Kellegher / The cove of Cork   [slip jigs]   (trad.)   3:44
  1. The green fields of Canada   (trad.)   6:31
  2. The old maids of Galway / The sunny banks / The flooded road to Glenties / Free & easy   [reels]   (trad.)   3:43

total time : 52:17

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