release details ‘The great war of words’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk RCA CD J PD 74475 1990
cover art : Michael-Nash Associates
(photo: David Scheinmann)

Brian Kennedy lead vocal, guitars, dobro, harmonium, piano, bouzouki, backing vocals
with band musicians :
Jack Burnaby piano
Julia Doyle double bass
Phil Overhead bass, programming
Virginia Clee backing vocal
Violet Williams backing vocal
and guests :
Kim Burton gagda
Martin Ditcham percussion
Tim Friese-Greene piano, harmonium
Graham Henderson mandolin
Sianed Jones fiddle
Martin Morgan clarinet
Eddi Reader backing vocals
Mick Ripsher tabla
Gaynor Sadler harp
Peter Tomelty flute
Angele Veltmeijer flutes, saxophones, tin whistle
Annie Whitehead trombone
produced by : Tim Friese-Greene
recorded by : Phill Brown at ?
mixed by : ? at ?
mastered by : ? at ?

  1. Captured   (Brian Kennedy/Danny Mitchell)   6:09
  2. Open arms   (Brian Kennedy)   4:58
  3. Town   (Brian Kennedy/Danny Mitchell)   4:22
  4. Believe it   (Brian Kennedy)   5:14
  5. Am I looking for you   (Brian Kennedy)   3:58
  6. Is it loud enough   (Brian Kennedy/Chris Cross)   5:58
  7. Hollow   (Brian Kennedy)   4:31
  8. I would not forget   (Brian Kennedy/Chris Cross)   3:39
  9. Anniversary (everyday will be)   (Brian Kennedy/Chris Cross)   4:30
  1. He talks like traffic   (Brian Kennedy)   2:24
  2. Half way home   Brian Kennedy/Danny Mitchell)   6:00
  3. Keep a firm grip   (Brian Kennedy)   5:41

total time : 57:26

Q [magazine], issue Q43, April 1990, page 84 by Andrew Martin

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