release details ‘Driving to Damascus’ album, limited editon, cover (85% actual size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Track CD J TRK1000CD 1999-09-27
uk Track CD D TRK1000CDSP 1999-09-27
  ltd ed.; includes two bonus tracks (see below)
this release is now only available secondhand, but a revised version was issued in 2002 as John Wayne’s dream
cover art : JP3 for Playground Art
(photo: Jim Herrington)

Stuart Adamson vocals, guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, moog
Bruce Watson guitars, mandolin, sitar, slide guitar
Tony Butler bass, vocals, vibe
Mark Brzezicki drums, vocals, percussion
with :
Kirsten Adamson backing vocals
Rafe McKenna backing vocals
Josh Phillips keyboards
Eddi Reader backing vocals
Rowan Stigner drum loops
Electra Strings :
Sally Herbert, Jules Singleton,
Anne Stephenson, Ginni Ball,
Claire Orsler, Dinah Beamish
strings, arranged by Sally Herbert
produced by : Rafe McKenna and Big Country
recorded by : Rafe McKenna assisted by Lee Butler at Rockfield Studios
mixed by : Rafe McKenna assisted by Lee Butler at Rockfield Studios
mastered by : Tim Young at Metropolis

  1. Driving to Damascus   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki//Bruce Watson)   3:58
  2. Dive into me   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Tony Butler/Bruce Watson)   5:02
  3. See you   (Stuart Adamson)   3:50
  4. Perfect world   (Stuart Adamson/Tony Butler/Mark Brzezicki/Bruce Watson)   4:03
  5. Somebody else   (Stuart Adamson/Davies)   4:04
  6. Fragile thing   (Stuart Adamson/Bruce Watson)   4:34
  7. The president slipped and fell   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Tony Butler/Bruce Watson)   2:58
  8. Devil in the eye   (Stuart Adamson/Davies)   4:15
  9. Trouble the waters   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Tony Butler/Bruce Watson)   4:10
  1. Bella   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Bruce Watson)   3:34
  2. Your spirit to me   (Stuart Adamson)   5:13
  3. Grace   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Tony Butler/Bruce Watson)   5:17

total time : 50:58?

bonus tracks on TRK1000CDSP :

  1. Shattered cross   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Tony Butler/Bruce Watson?)   4:01
  2. Too many ghosts   (Stuart Adamson/Mark Brzezicki/Tony Butler/Bruce Watson?)   4:13

total time : 59:14

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