release details ‘Baptist hospital’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Blanco y Negro CD J 0630-1294502 1995
uk Blanco y Negro MC - ? 1995
us Discovery (Warners) CD ? 77042 1996
cover art : M@ Maitland
(photo: Kevin Westenberg)

Boo Hewerdine lead vocal, acoustic guitar, etc.
with :
John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick keyboards
Alison Clark backing vocal
Gary Clark guitar, piano, backing vocal
Roy Dodds percussion
Karlos Edwards percussion
Greg Harewood bass
Martin Hughs drums
Dave Larcombe drums
Matt Laug drums
Leroy Lendor bass
Neill MacColl guitar, piano, backing vocal
Brian McNeill keyboards
Eric Pressly bass
Eddi Reader backing vocal
Tony Shepherd keyboards
Danny Thompson double bass
Richard Thompson guitar
and string quartet :
Rolf Wilson violin
David Randall violin
Dondal McVay viola
Caroline Dale cello
produced by : John Wood (except track 4: The Bible and Jim Abbiss)
recorded by : ? at ?
mixed by : ? at ?
mastered by : Tim Young at Metropolis

  1. World’s end   (Hewerdine/Gregson)   5:05
  2. The love thieves   (Hewerdine)   4:09
  3. Last cigarette   (Hewerdine/Clark/MacColl)   4:03
  4. Dreamlife   (Hewerdine/MacColl)   3:31
  5. Joke   (Hewerdine)   3:40
  6. Baptist hospital   Hewerdine   2:01
  7. A song for a friend   (Hewerdine)   2:57
  8. Candyfloss   (Hewerdine/Reader)   3:25
  9. Sycamore fall   (Hewerdine)   3:34
  1. Holy water   (Hewerdine)   4:03
  2. Junk   (Hewerdine/Clark)   3:32
  3. Greedy   (Hewerdine/Clark)   4:07

total time : 44:09

Eddi’s backing vocals are on tracks 10 and 12 only (don’t be fooled by the very similar-sounding backing vocals by Alison Clark on some other tracks!); I have also provided pages for Boo’s recordings of the two songs which Eddi has covered in her solo career (tracks 5 and 8) for comparative purposes

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