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uk Pure records CD J PRCD016 2004
cover art : Bryan Ledgard

Billy Connoy vocals, banjo, autoharp
John McCusker fiddles, viola, whistles, cittern, ukulele
Andy Cutting diatonic accordion
Ian Carr guitar
Ewen Vernal double bass
James Mackintosh percussion
with :
Phil Cunningham accordion
John Doyle tenor guitar
Kris Drever double bass, banjo
Michael McGoldrick flute, uilleann pipes
Eddi Reader harmony vocals
Kate Rusby guitar, vocals
produced by : John McCusker
recorded by : Andy Seward at Pure Records, Yorkshire;
Billy’s banjo and autoharp recorded by Olly Harmer in New Zealand
mixed by : Andy Seward? at Pure Records, Yorkshire?
mastered by : Bunt Stafford-Clarke at Townhouse, London

  1. Billy’s Bobby theme   (John McCusker)   3:15
  2. Billy’s fast waltz   (John McCusker)   4:12
  3. Billy’s slow waltz   (John McCusker)   6:06
  4. Billy’s reel   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   3:12
  5. Banjo reel   (John McCusker)   1:28
  6. Wandering soul   (Kate Rusby)   4:12
  7. Billy’s Breton   (John McCusker)   6:58
  8. Shaeffer jig   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   0:50
  9. Billy’s strathspey   (John McCusker)   3:08
  1. The rose of Sharon   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   2:02
  2. Billy’s jig   (John McCusker)   4:32
  3. Carnival of Venice   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   1:47
  4. Billy’s slow air   (John McCusker/Phil Cunningham)   6:20
  5. Billy’s march   (John McCusker)   5:19
  6. The cuckoo   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   0:57
  7. The rose of Sharon 2   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   1:20
  8. Pokarekare ana   (trad. arr. Billy Connolly/John McCusker)   1:26

total time : 57:06

this is the soundtrack from the BBC series Billy Connolly’s world tour of New Zealand

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