release details ‘Batman forever’ CD booklet cover (85% size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Atlantic CD J 7567-82759-2 1995
cover art : Larry Freemantle
(photos: Herb Ritts and Ralph Nelson)

various (see the track listing below)
produced by : various people
recorded by : various people in various places
mixed by : various people
mastered by : Tat, with a little help from Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Hollywood, LA

  1. U2 :   Hold me, thrill ne, kiss me, kill me   (Bono/U2)   4:46
  2. P J Harvey :   One time too many   (P J Harvey)   2:52
  3. Brandy :   Where are you now?   (Lenny Kravitz)   3:57
  4. Seal :   Kiss from a rose   (Seal)   3:38
  5. Massive Attack with Tracey Thorn :   The hunter gets captured by the game   (William Robinson)   4:06
  6. Eddi Reader :   Nobody lives without love   (Tonio K./Larry Klein)   5:05
  7. Mazzy Star :   Tell me now   (Saondoval/Roebuck)   4:17
  8. The Offspring :   Smash it up   (Rat Scabies, Captain Sensible, Dave Vanian, Alasdair Ward)   3:26
  9. Nick Cave :   There is a light   (Nick Cave/Tim Friese-Greene)   4:23
  1. Method Man :   The Riddler   (Clifford Smith/Robert Diggs/Neil Hefti)   3:30
  2. Michael Hutchence :   The passenger   (Iggy Pop/Ricky Gardiner)   4:37
  3. The Devlins :   Crossing the river   (B. Steinberg/R. Nowels/C. Devlin)   4:45
  4. Sunny Day Real Estate :   8   (Sunny Day Real Estate)   5:27
  5. The Flaming Lips :   Bad days   (Coyne/Ivins/Drozd/Jones)   4:29

total time : 59:37

sorry: illustration of insert
not yet available
promo details
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk (all?) Atlantic CD S? PROP34 1995
the whole album, issued as a promo, in a slim-line case with a pale-red insert giving track titles; it is not known what promotional material, if any, accompanied the CD when sent out

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