release details ‘1 giant leap’ album case/insert (85% actual size)
terr. label format pack. cat. no. rel. date
uk Palm Pictures CD J wrap PALMCD 2077-2 2002-02-11
uk Palm Pictures DVD ? PALMDVD 2077 2002-03-25
the CD has a card wrapper round the case, repeating the insert cover design
cover art : Stylus; original artwork James Tonkin

Duncan Bridgeman keyboards, programming, guitars, bass, drums, flute, vocal
with :
Horace Andy vocal
Baligashma Xylophone Group vocal
Aaron Bebe sepewera
Asha Bhosle vocal
Nigel Butler guitar
Frank Byng marimba, djembe, talking drum
Richard Carter percussion
Neneh Cherry additional vocal
Ram Dass voice
Michael Franti voice
Dana Gillespie chanting
Maxi Jazz vocal
Brendan Jury electric violin
Luang Padit Thairoh School kong, peenay
Baaba Maal vocal
Mahotella Queens vocal
Whiri Mako Black vocal
Levon Minassien duduk
Bahman Mobayen darbooka, percussion
Ahmed Mohamad percussion
Pops Mohamed kora, percussion effects, bird calls, vocal
Moseo voice
Romu Mujumdar flute
Mustapha Tettey Addy Drummers drums, vocal
George Nuku voice
Ayub Ogada nyatti
Grant Lee Phillips vocal
Eddie Quansah trumpet
Dave Randall guitar
Eddi Reader vocal
Tom Robbins voice
Revetti Sakalkar vocal
Bada Seck djembe
Bakane Seck sabar
Linesh Shesh voice
Shrinvas electric mandolin
Speech vocal
Michael Stipe vocal
DJ Swamp scratching
Kaolin Thompson vocal
Ulali vocal
Sanjay Kumar Verma Indian guitar
Kurt Vonnegut voice
James Webster putorino
Robbie Williams vocal
Yeye vocal
produced by : Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto
executive producers : Tim Clark and Suzette Newman
recorded by : Duncan Bridgeman (and Jamie Catto?) at various places around the world
mixed by : Goetz Botzenhardt at ?
mastered by : Tony Cousins at Metropolis, London

  1. Dunya salam   [featuring Baaba Maal]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Baaba Maal)   2:55
  2. My culture   [featuring Robbie Williams & Maxi Jazz]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Maxi Jazz/Robbie Williams/Nigel Butler)   5:39
  3. The way you dream   [featuring Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Michael Stipe)   8:21
  4. Ma’ Africa   [featuring The Mahotella Queens & Ulali]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Mahotella Queens/Ulali)   4:48
  5. Braided hair   [featuring Speech & Neneh Cherry]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Speech/Neneh Cherry/Ulali)   4:04
  6. Ta moko   [featuring Whiri Mako Black]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Whiri Mako Black)   5:09
  7. Bushes   [featuring Baaba Maal]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Baaba Maal)   6:35
  8. Passion   [featuring Michael Franti]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Michael Franti)   5:46
  9. Daphne   [featuring Eddi Reader, The Mahotella Queens & Revetti Sakalar]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Mahotella Queens/Eddi Reader)   7:04
  1. All alone (On eilean shona)   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Mahotella Queens)   7:51
  2. Racing away   [featuring Grant Lee Phillips & Horace Andy]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Kaolin Thompson/Grant Lee Phillips/Horace Andy)   5:59
  3. Ghosts   [featuring Eddi Reader]   (Duncan Bridgeman/Jamie Catto/Eddi Reader/Booth)   6:37

total time : 70:50

Q [magazine], issue Q187, February 2002, page 104, by John Aizlewood

Duncan Bridgeman, best known as producer for Take That, and Jamie Catto, formerly of Faithless (noted for ‘starring’ Dido), teamed up to travel round the world with laptop and digicam, adding soloists’ contributions to their world-music inspired tracks, in individual local recording sessions

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